August 15, 2010

Introducing...Baya's Blog

I've created a new blog, Baya's Blog, a personal blog that will follow my Stardoll life. It's more of a journal. Things you don't ordinarily get to see on here. It will definitely give you guys a behind-the-scenes look.

Check out the blog my clicking HERE.

August 2, 2010

Presenting Stardoll's Super Sweet 16
Elite Entertainment's Elite Network presents a new reality show, Stardoll's Super Sweet 16, created by Psychotic-Freak.

The show will be portraying the extravagant parties and murderous tantrums of Dollywood's richest. If you want to apply, don't let age stop you. We will accept people either side of 16, as long as your attitude is right, age doesn't matter!

Season 1 auditions are going on now! We're looking for 10 people to each have their own episode. You have until Saturday 7th August to apply!!!

To apply click HERE!!
Elite Entertainment is sponsored by Fashion Group, an Stardoll High Fashion Association, in which Elite Entertainment serves has the group's media division. Where we are all about presenting you with exciting up-and-coming projects revolving the elite of Stardoll!