Our Entertainment

Elite News
Elite News is Elite Entertainment's main media outlet. A gossip tabloid that was established in December 22nd, 2009 by Baya Nikolas. The blog follows the lives of Stardoll's elite and everyone around them. Since it's debut late last year, the blog has received over 85,000 hits and continues to grow faster and faster everyday.

Elite Fashion
Elite Fashion is an Elite Entertainment fashion based blog. Established on April 1st, 2010 but started fresh on May 10th, 2010 after going through renovations. The blog feature different views of elite fashion. From those who are out in public enjoying their everyday lives or at red carpet events.

Elite Network
Elite Network is a Elite Entertainment television network founded by Baya Nikolas in April 26th, 2010. The network consists of a variety of television series.

Gemini Modeling Agency
Gemini Modeling Agency is an Elite Entertainment modeling agency. Founded on August 2011 by Baya Nikolas. The agency  helps manage the career of models by helping them find work, and help establish their very own portfolio and have them sign a lucrative contract that will assure them that GMA will diffidently live up to the plate with their modeling career.

Elite Entertainment is sponsored by Fashion Group, an Stardoll High Fashion Association, in which Elite Entertainment serves has the group's media division. Where we are all about presenting you with exciting up-and-coming projects revolving the elite of Stardoll!