May 10, 2010

Elite Fashion: Re-opened

Elite Entertainment is proud to announced that Elite Fashion is now done with it's renovations and is officially open to the public once again. The lovely Writemarycat from Fashion Group gave the blog a whole new layout, which looks amazing! The fashion blog also is starting completey fresh and will focus on elite's fashion. From those who are out in public enjoying their everyday lives or at red carpet events. (Based off the false world I've created among the elite of course.)

The writers are Fever_Cole & COMMESdesGARCON.

Click HERE to check it out. Follow and comment please!

P.S. Expect a new project to be announced next week!


2peicesofcandy1 said...

Yay! I can't wait to see it(:

ChicLin said...

I love Elite Fashion new look, can you tell me when your hiring again, I'd love to write for a blog of yours.
Elite Entertainment is sponsored by Fashion Group, an Stardoll High Fashion Association, in which Elite Entertainment serves has the group's media division. Where we are all about presenting you with exciting up-and-coming projects revolving the elite of Stardoll!