March 22, 2012

New Owner!

As we know Baya Nickolas has left the building. I, Lee Que, her girlfriend and also her assistant for the pass two to three years since creating the Elite Entertainment brand couldn't let the company go abandoned. I've been by her side pretty much since her very first post of Elite News and I've seen all her hard work, sweat, and most certainly tears go into this business. So as an attempt to keep it all alive, Baya decided that it was time for her to pass me the torch. Instead of assisting her she wants me to run the whole company, and I know I have large shoes(In Baya's case muddy Converse All Star) to fill.

I hope you continue to following and enjoy reading blogs such as Elite Fashion and Elite News under new administration. Also, just so you know I've be speaking to a few Dollywood elites to do a huge fashion competition that has yet to be done on Stardoll. If things works out as planned it will launch in the next few weeks/months.
Elite Entertainment is sponsored by Fashion Group, an Stardoll High Fashion Association, in which Elite Entertainment serves has the group's media division. Where we are all about presenting you with exciting up-and-coming projects revolving the elite of Stardoll!