July 7, 2010

Elite Diary: New Start

Elite Diary writer
helo my dear friends... I have to tell you something. I will leave Elite entertainment, because I broke the contract with the group: I'm now a part of Dioguardi group with a new project: vaniTEEN magazine

I'm really sorry but you can find me at stardoll and idk, what will happen to Elite Diary.. it would be cool when someone else continue.. Pls stay tuned!

so goodbye my dear diary... It was beautiful, but writing isn't me... I'm a graphic designer

Love you all

So what will happen with Elite Diary? Well, the site will stay with Elite Entertainment. It will undergo a huge makeover and will have a new writer. It will be open very soon.

Elite Entertainment has 4 job openings, if your interested in becoming a part of the EE team, then go over to the "apply" tab and fill out the form.

1 comment:

Becka said...

Shame. How I shall miss her tawdry shallow writing.

Never mind. Over it :D

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