July 19, 2010

Elite Diary Re-Opens!!

The wait is over!! Elite Diary is now back in action!

So who will be the new ED writer? Well, I could of ask some elite, or some newcomer, but then it finally hit me! My lovely assistant 2peicesofcandy1 would be prefect to take on the role!

She'll be writing about her hetic life has my assistant, but she will also give you a behind the scenes look of Elite Entertainment and what it took her to get where she is now and where she's going.

Here's her statement:
"Hello everyone! My name is Nikki Giovanni (known on Stardoll as 2peicesofcandy1). I am THRILLED to announce to you that I am the new writer for Elite Diary! It is a SERIOUS honor and I would like to thank all of our readers for staying tuned to Elite Diary during its renovations!

Next I would like to tell you a little bit more of the story line for the NEW Elite Diary. You may or may not know that I am Baya’s personal assistant. Elite Diary will now be based off of my hectic life as an assistant for one of the most well known girls on Stardoll, Baya Nikolas. Of course, most of it will be false but I will add a little bit of reality too. Thank you so much for reading. Its a true honor to write for you."

She's interesting, and her writing is incredible!
Click HERE to read her diary.

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